Customer centered,Quality as pioneer

We produce not only products, more emphasis on quality and credibility, "customer-centric, quality as a pioneer" is our aim, we hope that you can become a trusted partner.

  • Quality concept: to build a quality culture of the quality system, creating a charm, the quality of the soul quality.

  • Brand Concept: quality from responsibility, quality to create the brand, everything is "source".

  • Development policy: concentric governance, only real innovation, the pursuit of excellence, enhance the sustainable development of enterprises.

Today, we are full of passion, on the way forward, we look forward to working with you, join hands with the progress, win-win future!

Service thought

OUYANGHUASI Every employee is familiar with the importance of the service, the customer is Ouyang Hua Si's food and clothing parents, no quality service, Ouyang Hua Si can never grow. Product replacement is a cyclical, Ouyang Huasi people in strict quality control at the same time, the maximum increase in product quality. Extend the product life cycle at the same time, and actively improve the maintenance skills, combined with their actual situation, improve the technical service system, standard technical support after-sales.

Warranty and service

1.  the main product warranty for one year, accessories warranty for three months. Product quality problems, one year free replacement.

2.  the product due to third-party transport damage, resulting in the product can not be used normally, free replacement for customers.

3.  product installation: Please install according to the product installation instructions.

Service commitment

24 hour hotline service

2 hours of service to respond

7*24 hours a day to accept customer service consulting and after-sales issues

Broad, tolerance is Ouyang Hua Si style and temperament, in the growth of the road, we insist on doing every little thing, and strive to create the future of the sea!