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Three-phase 700KVA regulated power supply

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Technical parameters of three-phase 700KVA regulator (OYHS-83700)

Common features of products


Output voltage:Single-phase 380V±2%(can be customized to 1000V)

Output frequency:Grid frequency

Super counted ability, instantaneous current can withstand three times rated current

One stop function during the failure, the reaction speed is fast

It has many protections such as over current, over voltage, over temperature, short circuit, overload and so on

High precision frequency stabilizing and voltage stabilizing function, quickly adjust voltage and frequency

The main components are imported brand, the quality is reliable

Technical parameters of three-phase input and three-phase output voltage stabilizing power supply


Output capacity: 700KVA

AC input

Phase number

Three-phase 3Φ4W+G

Wave form




Frequency fluctuation range

Grid frequency

Power factor


AC output

Phase number


Wave form

SINE  WAVE(No Waveform distortionless)



Frequency fluctuation range

Grid frequency

maximum current


Overall performance

Power supply accuracy


load regulation


Wave form

SINE  WAVE(No Waveform distortionless)



Overload, short circuit protection

When the load exceeds the overload capacity or short circuit stipulated by the equipment, the power supply is cut off within the prescribed time

Over voltage and under voltage protection

When the output voltage exceeds the regulator voltage and undervoltage, the device is automatically protected and has no voltage output


Display interface

Pointer display


Pointer voltmeter, resolution 0.1V

Environment and other

Cooling system

High speed variable frequency fan cooling, forced air cooling

Working temperature

-25℃ to 50℃

Relative humidity





  1600 KG

Size L*H*W

1100×750×1800*2       (MM)

Notes:1 The above dimensions do not include the height of the foot

2 It can be customized according to customer's specifications

3 The company's product specifications continue to improve R & D, specifications are subject to change without notice



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